What We Do

At Newport Venture Capital, we bring a new and inspired perspective to your commercial real estate investments.

By helping you to build an outstanding portfolio through our client-centric process, we deliver real bottom-line performance.

We view the world a little differently than other firms—and this makes all the difference.

Our Offerings

Our management style integrates tailored strategies to improve real estate performance and increase cash flow to maximize your commercial real estate investment revenue.

Tailored Strategies

Our hands-on approach allows us to customize solutions for you, from real estate management to equity sourcing.

Client Focus

We work only for our clients and seek to understand all aspects of your business.

Forging Value

We work closely with buyers, sellers and investors to negotiate high value results.


Our firm offers multifamily and commercial real estate property owners access to the best banks, credit and life insurance companies.

Innovative Thinking

We are adept at redevelopment strategies, creative reuse of assets and designing value-enhancement solutions for commercial real estate portfolios.

Flawless Execution

We align asset management and property management strategies as part of our comprehensive professional services.

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